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Anna Paddick is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Together with Ben Paddick (guitar), Christian Meyer (guitar), and Alan Dinh (bass/synth) she formed AP&TS.

"Music allows me to sweep aside everything that clouds my judgment, and to present my experiencing as purely as it presents itself to me. It’s also the most socially acceptable way I have found to stand up and say, 'Hey everyone! I have thoughts, feelings, and ideas, how about you??'
For me there is nothing more appealing than connecting and sharing expressions of unfinished truth that reside beyond what we can put neatly. When I sing I am inviting strangers to let their intimate worlds meet mine. That can be an awkward thing to do otherwise. How long are you supposed to know someone before you get to the grit of things? I haven't quite sorted that one out, but it seems that music is time travel. It allows me to meet and share the fleeting essences of what's going on, what's always been going on, within the time frame of a song.”

Anna Paddick & The Spekulators’ music has been described as alternative, lyrical pop and sits comfortably among artists like Liz Stringer & Lior. Uplifting choruses energise their audiences and insightful lyrics combine to create music that offers a unique perspective.


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